Charged. Smart.

Our goal is zero emission in 2030. That's why we are making electric driving truly green. By offering charge points, green energy, and a smart charging app.

Our offering

Charge point for your home

We install charge points for LeasePlan drivers. Combine home charging with our energy and smart charging.

Green energy for your car and household

Dutch solar- and wind energy for the purchase price. Plus extra benefits for electric drivers!

Smart charging on the sun and the wind

With smart charging you make optimal use of available green energy and balance the energy grid.

How green driving works with LeasePlan Energy

Charge your car at home with your own charge point

By charging your car at home you have total control over the energy that goes in it. To benefit from our energy offer and smart charging app you need to have your own charge point from LeasePlan (New Motion excluded).

Charge with our green energy

By using our energy offer you're charging your car with Dutch solar- and wind energy. That's not only super sustainable, but also very lucrative. You get our green energy for the purchase price, for your car and for household. With our switching service, you start driving green right away.

Profit from smart charging with our app

With our app your car is charged when the supply of green energy is high and the demand is low. As a result coal-fired power plants are less needed and the energy grid is more balanced. With smart charging you save around €150 per year discount on your energy bill and charging costs go directly to the employer.

We aim for zero emission in 2030

Every day we are working with a small shining team on our mission. Together we are stronger. Do you help us?

Yes, we are on 1,5m distance. Unlucky for Marnix (left) and Oscar (right).

About us

Only 10% of all energy in the Netherlands is green. Switch and contribute to more Dutch green energy.

Our wind energy comes from the North Sea

Our energy

A lot of green energy is unnecessarily lost. With our smart charging app we charge electric cars when the sun is shining.

Marnix - One of our first smart chargers

Our smart charging app

We are making a difference already!

1.000+ smart electric drivers

Do you have a LeasePlan charge point as well? Become a smart electric driver. Apply now.

15.000+ smart charging sessions

With every smart session we save CO2 and balance the energy demand during the day.

250.000+ energy smart charged

Electric driving is only green when you charge with green energy. Switch now to LeasePlan Energy.