The smartest way to charge your car

Smart charging technology and affordable green energy in one. Make an impact and benefit.

Charging at optimal moments Earn €150 per year with smart charging Charging costs directly to employer
Smart Driving

The ultimate package to get the most out of your electric car

Smart charging technology

Charge at home at the smartest moments: when the price of green energy is low. Make an impact and benefit: every smart session earns you a discount on your energy bill.

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Affordable green energy

Affordable Dutch green energy for your car and household. Your home charging costs will be sent directly to your employer. No more hassle of advancing costs.

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Super simple Smart Driving app

With the app you have full control. You decide when to charge and when your car should be ready. Easily keep track of your energy usage, CO2 impact, and savings.

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We're getting smarter every day


Smart sessions


Smartly charged kWhs


Smart Driving customers

Smart charging technology

Charging at smart moments: sustainable and lucrative

Our PowerD® Smart Charging Technology enables you to drive truly sustainable and financially benefit from doing so. Through the app your car is charged at optimal moments: when the price of green electricity is at its lowest. We avoid overloading the grid when there’s a peak in demand, thereby reducing the need for power plants and saving CO2. With every smart session you earn a discount on your household energy bill: on average €150 per year.

Charge at sustainable moments Earn €150 per year on average Use your home charge point
Green energy at its cheapest

Affordable green energy for your car and home

With our renewable electricity we make electric driving as green as possible. 100% Dutch, fairly priced, green energy for your car and household. We send your home charging costs directly to your employer: no need to increase your monthly tariff, and no more waiting for reimbursements, resulting in a seamless home charging experience.

Rated by the Dutch Consumer Association with a 9.8 Charging costs directly to your employer Easy switching: we take care of everything
Smart Driving app

You’re in control, for 100%

You decide when to charge smart through our easy Smart Driving app. We make sure your battery is full enough to go for a drive, even while smart charging. Your car is always ready to go when you need it. Our Smart Driving app provides you with real-time insights into your energy consumption, CO2 impact and smart charging earnings.

Easily set your charging preferences Track your energy usage and impact Always ready to go for a ride

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Welcome! After your registration, you'll receive a confirmation email with your LeasePlan Energy contract within one business day. Let's get started!

Check: Smart meter

You need a smart meter to be able to switch to LeasePlan Energy. Most people already have one, but we always double check.

Current energy contract

We'll let your supplier know you're leaving. Still under contract with your old supplier? In most cases we reimburse your switching penalty.

Download the app

Our Smart Driving app gives you access to our smart charging technology. Connect your car and charging station in the app in less than a minute.

Charge and benefit

We start supplying green energy for your car and home. By smart charging through our app, you can start making an impact right away - and benefit.

No hassle

We send your home charging costs directly to your employer. You can charge at home without anything to worry about - we'll save your precious time.

LeasePlan Energy

Our goal is to make emission-free mobility possible

We’re on the road to zero-emission driving in 2030. With every new application for our Smart Driving package, that moment is getting closer. Let’s do this. It’s possible. It’s easy. It’s fun! It’s good for our planet and for your wallet.


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Nice to meet you! LeasePlan Energy is an independent subsidiary of LeasePlan. We're experts in the field of charging and smart charging. With our Smart Driving package, you'll get the smartest charging technology and the greenest energy, all in one. By joining us, you help to accelerate the energy transition - while making money out of it. Together with LeasePlan, we are working towards emission-free driving in 2030.

Smart Driving is the package for lease drivers who want to get the most out of their electric car. With our Smart Driving package, you'll get the smartest charging technology and the greenest energy, all in one. Your car is charged with green energy when the demand for energy is low. This way, you help balance the electricity grid and to phase out gas plants as soon as possible.

That's an easy one. You can apply for our Smart Driving package through this website. First, you'll switch to our energy contract. After that, you can download our Smart Driving app. With every smart session, you earn money, which you'll receive through a discount on your yearly energy bill.

Smart Driving is currently available to everyone with a LeasePlan car and home charge point (NewMotion excluded). We will be expanding our availability very soon.

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