Smart charging

from LeasePlan

Earn money and save CO2 with your fleet


Smart charging advantages

Save on charging costs

Make your fleet sustainable

Give your employees something extra

Everybody wins

Less charging costs and a more sustainable fleet

With LeasePlan Energy drivers charge their cars at home with 100% green energy. This makes your electric fleet even more sustainable. The charging costs go directly to the employer, which makes home charging more attractive. And because home charging is cheap, you also save on your charging costs.

Something extra for your employees

Employees earn up to € 100 per year by smart charging their car. And they benefit from our attractive energy rates for their household. Besides that, there are financial benefits for the employer from the charged energy, which can be shared with the employee as an extra bonus.

One journey towards 100% green driving

With LeasePlan Energy we take the next step towards zero-emission mobility

Erik Henstra - Managing Director LeasePlan

Frequently asked questions

LeasePlan Energy is available for all customers of LeasePlan in the Netherlands. Drivers need to have an Allego charge point to use the Smart Charging app. We are expanding our market in the coming months.
You can apply by simply clicking "Register your company" in the header menu. Registration takes just a couple of minutes. We will contact you afterward.
On the contrary! As a company, you will save on charging costs and reduce your CO2 emission. And the drivers benefit as well. They can earn up to €100 per year with smart charging and get their charging costs automatically compensated.
Nice! We love to tell you more. Mail to or call us on +31 85 833 19 10.