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LeasePlan Energy is an initiative from LeasePlan to make the charging of electric vehicles smarter. With smart charging we can spread the demand for energy during the day, making optimal use of renewable energy sources and limiting the use of fossil fuels. With this new initiative LeasePlan is taking the next step towards zero-emission mobility.  

Our mission

Green energy in every car

With smart charging from LeasePlan we accelerate the energy transition. Our goal is to charge every car with green energy.

CO2-neutral driving with smart charging

With smart charging we can make optimal use of renewable energy sources. We aim for zero-emission mobility.

Lower costs for lease drivers

We charge mainly when green energy is available. At these moments the price of energy is lower on average. Win-win!

With LeasePlan Energy we take the next step towards zero-emission mobility

Erik Henstra - Managing Director LeasePlan

Our team

Lucien Joppe

Technology Development

Oscar Westerhof

Managing Director

Marnix Paanakker

Business Development

Laurens van Leeuwen

Product & Marketing

Pieter Willems

Investor Relations

Michiel Frenaij


Charlotte Wegewijs


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