Green energy

for your car and household

Dutch solar- and wind energy. Plus extra benefits for electric drivers.

Our energy offer

Green energy for the purchase price

We only supply Dutch solar- and wind energy. This is how we make the Netherlands truly green.

€150 discount for electric drivers

Electric drivers save around €150 per year on their energy bill with smart charging.

No home charging costs

Home charging doubles the bill. We send your charging cost directly to your employer.

This is how we make driving green

Dutch solar- and wind energy

70% of Dutch households choose green energy, but only 10% is produced in the Netherlands. The rest comes from neighbouring countries and most of the time only the certificates come to us. This green-packaged grey energy is not leasing to significantly less use of coal- and gas-fired power plants. That only happens when everyone chooses green energy from the Netherlands.

Smart charging at the right moments

Our energy contract is for everyone. However, we have a Smart Charging app for electric drivers. With smart charging your car is charged when the supply of green energy is high and the demand is low. As a result coal-fired power plants are less needed and the energy grid is more balanced. With smart charging you save around €150 per year discount on your energy bill and charging costs go directly to the employer.

Extra benefits for electric drivers with smart charging

Smart charging on the sun and the wind

With smart charging you make optimal use of available green energy and balance the energy grid.

Save €150 discount on your energy bill

With every smart session you save for discount on your energy bill. That's around €150 every year!

No home charging costs

Your home charging costs go directly to your employer. You only pay for your household consumption.

Calculate your smart charging savings

How many km do you drive per year?
Where do you charge your car?
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You save
discount a year

Already a LeasePlan Energy customer? Start with smart charging

Less CO2

Already a LeasePlan Energy customer? Start with smart charging

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