Smart charging

With smart charging we make optimal use of available renewable energy sources, rather than charging your car instantly and as fast as possible. This makes us less reliable on gas- and coal-fired power stations.

To calculate the best possible charging schedule we look at the weather forecast, the energy market, and your smart charging preferences. A longer charging session and lower desired charging level gives us more flexibility to charge smart, resulting in higher CO2 savings.
Save CO2

By smart charging your car the demand for energy is evener spread over the day. This increases the use of solar- and wind energy and makes gas plants more and more redundant. The more people start smart charging, the faster the transition to 100% renewable energy sources. By switching to our green energy contract ALL charged energy is guaranteed green.

Get rewarded

You earn points with every smart session. These points can be exchanged for gift vouchers, up to € 100 per year! To exchange points you switch to our energy contract.

Get charging costs automatically compensated

The costs of home charging can add up considerably, and this can be inconvenient if you have to pay them in advance. With our energy contract the costs of home charging are directly paid by the employer, resulting in a lower monthly energy bill.
1. A LeasePlan car and charge card

2. A private Allego charge point

3. Our Smart Charging app
Step 1: download the app

Step 2: create an account and connect your charge point and your charge card with the app

Step 3: connect your car to the charge point and start a session with your charge card

Step 4: open the app to fill in your current battery level, your desired charge level and your departure time. That’s it!
To decide on your smart charging schedule we take the following into account:

We always charge your car directly to a minimum of 37,5%. In that case, you can always use your car when you're in a hurry, and we have confirmation of the connectivity with your car.

We make sure your car is charged to (at least) the desired charge level for your next departure. Sometimes we charge a bit extra, for example when the green energy supply is high.

We use an algorithm, including factors like energy demand and weather forecasts, to calculate an optimal charging schedule for the given time frame.

When you use the Boost mode, your car as fully charged as fast as possible.
You can charge smart at your private charge point from Allego. You need to connect your charge point with our app and you need to have a smart meter at home.
Yes, as long as your charger is connected we can smart charge your car.


For every session you can indicate your desired charge level. Did something come up or are you in a hurry? Use the Boost function in the app. With Boost your car's battery will be fully charged as fast as possible.

Please note: with Boost we can't make optimal use of available renewable energy sources.
You can charge regularly with the Boost mode in the app. With Boost your car's battery will be fully charged as fast as possible.

Please note: with Boost we can't make optimal use of available renewable energy sources.
We advise you to allow push notifications. In that case, you'll receive a message on your phone directly after the start of a new session. You can follow your session on the Home screen in the app.
You can set your next departure time in the app at the start of- or during a session. By default we will use the settings from your weekly schedule.
Yes you can. To change your settings open the app and edit your settings via the Home screen. It is also possible to change your weekly schedule at any time.
Yes, the app is free of charge. Even better, the more you use the app for smart charging your car, the more you get rewarded.
The use of other EV apps next to our Smart Charging app is not recommended. The charging preferences in other apps can disturb our smart charging schedule which will result in suboptimal charging.

Below is a list of apps with charging preferences who can disturb the smart charging schedule of your car:

Tesla mobile app

Stats (For Tesla)


Hyundai Bluelink

Energy contract

No we aren't. Our trusted energy supplier will offer you an energy contract conform our terms.
100% green energy from renewable sources (Dutch wind)

CO2-compensated gas

Very attractive rates for your household

Contract period of 1 or 3 years
All energy from LeasePlan Energy is generated by Dutch wind farms.
We do this by supplying all energy with connected GvO's. GvO stands for Guarantee of Origin. These certificates guarantee the green nature of energy.
Yes, we also supply gas. All our gas is compensated for CO2. If you apply for LeasePlan Energy you can indicate if want gas and/or energy.
No, the energy contract is for your entire household. We will separate the charging costs of the car from your monthly energy bill and send these directly to the employer.
This is possible. However, a transfer fine can be put in place by your former energy supplier. This depends on your type of contract. Temporarily we pay a possible fine of your former energy supplier.

Please note: we don't pay fines for business contracts.
You have the same benefits from LeasePlan Energy if you have solar panels. With our energy contract we will check monthly how many kWh you used to charge the car and how many are registered with the smart meter. If you charged your car with solar energy you will be automatically compensated via your energy bill.
Everybody can switch to LeasePlan Energy. Without an electric car you still benefit from our attractive gas and energy rates.

With an electric car you have two additional benefits: you can earn up to € 100 per year in gift vouchers; and we can split your energy bill in half by sending the home charging costs directly to your employer.
No, your employer has no insights in your energy usage.
By offering you the LeasePlan Energy contract, you can get the most out of smart charging. We can offer you three additional benefits:

You can exchange your collected points for gift vouchers up to €100;

We can split your charging costs from your household costs and directly send the bill to your employer. No more prepayments, no more reimbursements; and

We offer you very attractive rates for your household energy and gas.
Your energy contract is independent of your LeasePlan car. You will still have your energy contract if you don't have a LeasePlan car anymore.
An energy contract is person bound, not address bound. If you move you can move your energy contract with you.
You find a possible switching fine on the end statement of your former energy supplier. Send this statement to (mentioning your full name and address) and we will pay the fine as soon as possible.

Please note: we don't pay fines for business contracts.

Points and rewards

You receive up to 100 smart charging points for every smart charging session. Depending on the usage of your vehicle you can save up to 20.000 points per year, which is worth € 100 in vouchers.

When you don't switch to our energy contract, your points total are set to zero after 6 months and you can start earning points again.
With every smart session you can earn up to 100 points. For a session with a minimum duration of 8 hours you get:

- 50 points for sharing your current battery level; and

- 0 to 50 points for your desired charge level for you next departure. Example: 80% = 20 points, 50% = 50 points.

When you don't switch to our energy contract, your points total are set to zero after 6 months and you can start earning points again.
To receive rewards for your smart charging points, you need to have a LeasePlan Energy contract. You can earn up to € 100 per year (depending on your car usage) in vouchers. Exchanging points for vouchers can be done in the app.

When you don't switch to our energy contract, your points total are set to zero after 6 months and you can start earning points again.
You can find your collected smart points on the Results screen in the app.



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