Smart charging

on solar and wind energy

With smart charging you make optimal use of available green energy. This makes electric driving truly green.

Our smart charging solution

Charge smart on solar and wind energy

Smart charging makes optimal use of solar and wind energy. You download the app. We do the rest.

Always certain of a full battery

We directly charge your battery for 37,5%. You can always leave in a hurry, even when the sun is down.

Smart charging and our energy offer

Save €150 per year on your energy bill with smart charging. And your charging costs go directly to your employer.

How smart charging works

Fill in your charging preferences in the app

To calculate the best charging schedule for you we first look at your preferences. Via our Smart Charging app fill in your current battery level, and the desired level for your next departure. We always charge your car up to a minimum of 37,5%, so you can go for a ride at any time.

Your car is charged at smart moments

The power that goes into your car is not always green. Take for example dinner time, when the energy consumption is usually higher than the supply of green energy. With smart charging we mostly avoid these busy hours to balance the energy grid.

Combine smart charging with our energy

With every smart charged kWh you save 3 cents discount for your household energy bill. Depending on your charging behaviour this is around €150 per year! The costs of home charging go directly to the employer. You only pay for your household consumption.

Step 1/4 - Start with smart charging

Start a session on your charge point. Fill in your current battery level and details for your next departure in the app.

Step 2/4 - Follow your smart session

Follow your smart session in the app. Change of plans? No worries, just change your details in the app.

Step 3/4 - Check your results

You save CO2 with every smart session. And with our energy contract you also save for discount on your energy bill.

Step 4/4 - Plan ahead

By filling in your weekly schedule we always know how to charge your car.

Extra benefits in combination with our energy

Green energy for the purchase price

100% solar and wind power from the Netherlands and CO2-compensated gas. That's truly green.

Half your energy bill

The costs of home charging are directly paid by your employer. You only pay for your household consumption.

Save with your car for discount

With every smart session you save for discount on your energy bill. That's around €150 per year!